At the Dawg Joint, our highest priority is the health and well being of your beloved pet. Everything we do is designed with your pet’s safety in mind. To insure the best experience, our store and grooming salon is bright and clean with the highest standard of products to purchase for your pet.

Our expert groomers have mastered gentle, confident animal care and handling as well as grooming skills that produce beautiful results. Each service includes a consultation with the actual groomer that cares for your pet. In short, we make your pet look and feel great.

The Dawg Joint is dedicated to your satisfaction. Our primary goal is to give you and your pet what you want.

The Dawg Joint owner comes from a business background that makes us uniquely capable of understanding our clients’ needs and delivering the excellent service so needed in the pet care industry.

We have fun – so will your pet!

Our state-of-the-art grooming facility provides your pet with a loving, safe atmosphere and is handled by a trusted expert.

A typical bath for dogs includes:

  • full body brush-out
  • nail clipping
  • ear cleaning (no intrusiveness)
  • shampoo/ conditioner (veterinary grade medicated, flea/tick, oatmeal etc.)

We carry the furminater deshedding treatment, which decreases a pets shedding by 75 – 80%.

The cost depends on breed, condition of the coat, skin and type of service requested. Please stop by for a free consultation. Nail filing will always run you $20 and ear cleaning will always just run you $10 per dog.

Make an appointment today and experience the “The Dawg Joint difference”.